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Larissa Parson

Movement • Mindset • Community

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Empowered Embodiment

Learn to move mindfully and be fully present in your body. 

A life of limited or painful movement can be the result of a past injury, a sedentary lifestyle, or a simple lack of awareness about what works best for your body. Diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse can leave you feeling broken and dysfunctional. 

My work helps people identify where they are out of touch so that they can come back to their own bodies and rediscover the joy of healthy, whole body movement. You are not broken!

My offerings include group movement classes and private movement lessons in the Durham, NC area. My classes and lessons are designed to help clients move in ways that support their health, their vitality, and their ability to thrive in the entirety of their lives, not just in the studio. 



 photo: Maria Brubeck

photo: Maria Brubeck

Group Classes and Workshops
Durham and Hillsborough

My group classes focus on experiencing mindful movement as well as the joy of growing and learning with a community of other mindful movers.

 photo: Maria Brubeck

photo: Maria Brubeck

Private Instruction
Intensive 1-hour sessions

My individual classes allow clients to dip even deeper into the well of mindful movement. The one-on-one format allows us to hone in on your individual patterns and habits.

 photo: Maria Brubeck

photo: Maria Brubeck

May 2019

Retreats are your chance to get closer to nature, experience daily exercises in embodiment, deepen connections with your community, and enjoy the space to reflect and relax.

Larissa’s movement work is is deeply thoughtful and enriching, and her attention to the smallest of details has helped me to attune myself more intimately with my own body. As a former martial artist and athlete, I have long focused on having a strong and fit body. Working with Larissa has taught me a more balanced approach - strength met with ease, and fitness matched with finesse. Her work is transformative.
— Kate V., Durham

Everyday Moves

Movement isn't just the time you spend on your mat. It's how and why you move your body every day. Here are some of the ways I move my body, and some of the things I find along the way. Follow me on Instagram for more! My wish is for you to find time outside, wherever you are; to forage for beauty, if not for food; to love your body, no matter what its limits are today.