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Empowered Embodiment

Does this sound like your story? You had kid(s), and spent all your energy and attention on caring for them. Then you noticed that you pee when you sneeze. Or you discovered that you had this thing called diastasis recti, even years after you gave birth; crunches don’t seem to be helping.

Maybe you don’t have kids, but you’ve spent years at a desk job and want to get back into moving better. All you know is that you don’t feel strong the way you used to.

Everyone tells you that’s just how it is after kids, over 30, 40 (or 50 or 60!). It’s “normal.” Your friends recommend their favorite pantyliners before you go trampolining. You wonder if this is how the rest of your life will go. You might feel broken, like your body has betrayed you.

While pelvic floor and core issues are incredibly common, they don’t have to be your normal. Movement is a powerful tool—how you’re moving, even how you’re breathing, can have a profound effect on how your body feels.* Remember the last time you felt at home in your body?  

You can learn to exercise in a way that supports your healing process. My work is made for you, to help you start coming home to your body and feeling like it belongs to you again. My offerings include group movement classes and private movement lessons in the Durham, NC area, in addition to workshops and retreats in North Carolina and around the country. My classes and lessons are designed to help you move in ways that support your health, your vitality, and your ability to thrive in the entirety of your life, not just in the studio. 

*I always recommend that you see a pelvic floor or women’s health PT if you have serious issues—PFPTs and OT are amazing at doing internal work that can help resolve many of these issues.



photo: Maria Brubeck

photo: Maria Brubeck

Group Classes and Workshops
Durham and Hillsborough

My group classes focus on experiencing mindful movement as well as the joy of growing and learning with a community of other mindful movers.

photo: Maria Brubeck

photo: Maria Brubeck

Private Instruction
Dig deep and reconnect to your body

My individual classes allow clients to dip even deeper into the well of mindful movement. The one-on-one format allows us to hone in on your individual patterns and habits.

photo: Maria Brubeck

photo: Maria Brubeck

Spend a hour, an afternoon, or a day!

Dip into learning more about core, pelvic floor, and whole body movement, without the longer commitment to a class series.

photo: Maria Brubeck

photo: Maria Brubeck

Prenatal Movement
Next series: October 2019
Stay tuned for updates!

Build strength and resiliency throughout your pregnancy, so you can thrive up to and beyond birth.

Larissa’s movement work is is deeply thoughtful and enriching, and her attention to the smallest of details has helped me to attune myself more intimately with my own body. As a former martial artist and athlete, I have long focused on having a strong and fit body. Working with Larissa has taught me a more balanced approach - strength met with ease, and fitness matched with finesse. Her work is transformative.
— Kate V., Durham

Everyday Moves

Movement isn't just the time you spend on your mat. It's how and why you move your body every day. Here are some of the ways I move my body, and some of the things I find along the way. Follow me on Instagram for more! My wish is for you to find time outside, wherever you are; to forage for beauty, if not for food; to love your body, no matter what its limits are today.