Private Instruction

Intensive 1-hour sessions

In individual sessions, clients benefit from thoughtful collaboration. We’ll move together, discuss your movement challenges, and focus on small changes that can make a big difference in creating a more movement-rich life. Cost: My standard rate for a 1-hour session is $90. Includes the intake process and detailed follow-up emails. Packages are also available for multiple sessions; click on the “view products/packages” option below.

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Got questions about what a package involves? I have answers:

+ What do I get for my money when I choose a package?

  • Intake session (1 hour 15 minutes) with a write-up on our findings during the intake session, plus homework. Three or seven follow-up sessions, depending on your package.
  • My Core & Pelvic Floor Basics handout with reminders about the Triple BS and 5 Home Hacks for sneaking in exercise without adding a minute to your day.
  • Progressively programmed private movement instruction combined with the added bonus of troubleshooting whatever movement patterns may be particularly nagging: there is time for your SI joint, your tight hips, your shoulder mobility.
  • Follow-up emails with homework via video or written handout—whatever works best for YOU.
  • Unlimited text/email support.
  • Improved core function and a radical, new understanding of your body—priceless!

+ Tell me more—how does this work?

  • Intake & assessment: We start off by getting a picture of you as a mover in the past and present, including injuries, life changes, etc. I’ll look at how you stand, walk, and breathe, and you will leave the very first session with some insights into your body that you may not have had before. Your homework: You’ll get to know your body better, with a few journaling prompts and exercises. You’ll also have 5 exercises to practice that are directly related to your goals.
  • Session 2: Basics: We review your homework and layer in more work specifically related to learning how to engage your core effectively and/or your specific goals. We will work with your breath and look at your mobility in several areas.
  • Remaining sessions: Integrate: We’ll check in on your progress again, and add another layer of load and more complex movements to the work you’ve been doing. Now is also a great time to work on particular issues that may be impeding your joy as a mover (e.g., sacroiliac joint pain, tight shoulders, etc.).
  • Final session: my goal when you finish working with me is for you to feel like you have the tools to go out and move in whatever way brings you joy. We will spend your last session checking in about what you want to do next and going over any specific movements that might pose a particular challenge in your future endeavors.
  • Follow-up: If you ever hit a snag or find that you’re in need of a tune-up, you’re welcome to book a one-off session or additional 4-session package at a reduced rate.

+ Do you ever offer discounts or a payment plan?

Yes, we can break up your payment into smaller chunks! I will be adding this function to my booking system later this spring; until then, pleaes email me if you'd like to break up your package payments. If a package is out of reach for you financially at this time, please click here to enter your name in the pool for free sessions. I offer two free or pay-what-you-can four-session packages every year (next drawing is May 1, 2019), and one free stand-alone session per month (drawing on the 1st of the month). I use a random number generator to pick folks from the list each month.

+ Do you offer a refund?

I do not offer refunds on packages. There is no money-back guarantee—too much of this process is about what you invest mentally and physically, not just what I offer you. We are working as a team. If you're not sure whether we're a great fit, schedule a free call to see if my skills match your needs, or come to one of my workshops or classes.

+ What if I can't use all my sessions in time?

Your package expires either 2 (4 session package) or 4 months (8 session package) from the date of purchase. When you purchase your package, you are immediately able to begin scheduling sessions. If you find that you cannot find enough slots in my schedule (i.e., using your package is difficult because of my availability), I can extend the dates. However, if you know that you are having surgery, going on a six-week vacation, etc., please wait to buy your package. Of course, stuff happens, and in the case of an emergency, we can extend your package.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Larissa. I didn’t understand just how asleep some of my largest, most important muscles were, and how they were affecting my pelvic floor and back health. I had some major back issues prior to having a child (even had surgery) and then pelvic floor issues after giving birth. I knew that when doing other exercises, it seemed like some things just weren’t firing or waking up, but it wasn’t until I worked with Larissa that I understood which muscles needed waking up, what the implications were for them to be “asleep,” and most importantly, how to turn them on!

I can really see how my one-on-one work with Larissa as well attending her class series made an incredible difference in my understanding of my body and how well I’m able to apply the concepts/movements before me now - I wouldn’t be getting as much out of the online movement programs I’m now following were it not for my work with her. And last but certainly not least, in my pelvic floor physical therapy, I am seeing RESULTS that I did not see before working with Larissa. The pelvic floor PT got me to a point, but then I plateaued. The work I’ve done with Larissa has really moved things forward in my PT.

And to top it all off, she’s also just a fabulous person whose company I genuinely enjoy - total bonus!! If you’re considering taking her classes or working with her one-on-one, I highly recommend doing it - it’s pretty special to have someone with her kind of experience and expertise right here in the Triangle! We’re very lucky!
— Kelly M., Durham

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