Prenatal Movement Classes

4 week series begins 10/3!
6 week series begins 11/7 (includes a break for Thanksgiving)
5:30pm-7:30pm at Empower Personalized Fitness

Does this sound familiar?

People violating your physical boundaries by touching your belly.

A lack of clarity around what to expect AFTER you’re expecting.

A sense of shame about dysfunction like urine leaking or back pain—while paradoxically, these dysfunctions are written off as ‘just part of being pregnant.”

I get it. I'm not only a movement instructor but I have carried twins myself. There's so much emphasis on monitoring your baby’s growth and health but often what's missed is your own well-being, beyond growing another human. Sometimes it feels like you’re just a vessel, not a whole human. I remember the amazing feeling of sliding into a swimming pool and finally feeling like I was not a stranger to my own skin. Wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling throughout your pregnancy?

Here's what I’m offering you:

K wall squat assist.jpg
  • First and foremost, a focus on tuning into your own body’s habits, sensations, and needs.

  • Practical techniques to help you learn alignment that will ease some of your aches, coupled with strategies that build your strength.

  • Hands-on practice of all kinds of movements: positions that are great for laboring & birthing, core training, and functional movements that are crucial to everyday life.

  • Real talk about what’s normal (changes in your ligaments, increased loads, and decreased space) and what isn’t (constant back pain, symphysis pubis pain).

  • Tools to recover well, so you can regain the function you need postnatally. And a clearer sense of what to expect, and how long healing takes.

  • The power of community in a group class.

I’m dreaming of this for you: moving well in your daily life, finding moments of ease in the middle of a tremendous change, and deep knowledge of your body. You can go into your birth—no matter what kind of birth you have—in tune with your body and confident in your ability to move through the process. You can thrive in pregnancy and beyond birth and I can teach you how.

Are you in?

4 weeks of classes for $80. 6 weeks for $120.